1 July 2010


VPEC to see record revenue in July due to new orders from Skyworks

Although its June revenue is estimated to have dropped slightly from its record of NT$180m (US$6m) in May, gallium arsenide (GaAs) epiwafer foundry Visual Photonics Epitaxy Company (VPEC) of Ping-Jen City, Taoyuan, Taiwan will likely see revenue reach a new record in July after new orders from GaAs device maker Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, MA, USA start to register in its financial figures, according to a report in Digitimes.

VPEC is also a major epiwafer supplier to GaAs device maker TriQuint Semiconductor Inc of Hillsboro, OR, USA. Previous reports cited industry sources saying that VPEC has been a beneficiary of TriQuint's role as a supplier to Apple. Both TriQuint and Skyworks are among the component suppliers for the new iPhone 4, according to market analyst firm iSuppli. VPEC's revenue so far in 2010 (through May) totaled NT$719m, up 60.8% year-on-year. Furthermore, the firm's revenue for third-quarter 2010 is expected to be more than 15% up on Q2/2010.

Taiwanese GaAs foundries Advanced Wireless Semiconductor Company (AWSC) and WIN Semiconductors are both expected to see record revenues in June due to growing shipments of GaAs power amplifier and switch components, according to a recent Digitimes report. AWSC and WIN are contract partners for Skyworks and TriQuint, respectively.

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