4 June 2010


Anadigics showcases 4G technology at WiMAX Taipei 2010

At this week’s WiMAX Taipei 2010 conference during Computex Taipei in Taiwan, broadband wireless and wireline communications component maker Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA showcased its latest products, as well as consumer products using WiMAX technology including WiMAX-enabled mobile communication devices such as the Samsung Mondi handheld Mobile Internet Device, a Samsung-KT USB modem, a Motorola-Clear USB Adapter, a ZTE-Xohm USB modem and a Franklin-Sprint USB modem.

The WiMAX market continues to build momentum in 2010, says Anadigics, with mobile devices all but displacing fixed-point equipment in new deployments as the number of commercial WiMAX networks, trial networks and networks in development increases monthly. New devices are driving the market, according to analyst firm In-Stat, with USB dongles and mobile PCs embedding WiMAX capability available now, and WiMAX-enabled cellular handsets emerging.

Power amplifiers for wireless infrastructure and mobile WiMAX applications displayed by Anadigics included:

  • New 1.93–1.99GHz AWB7123 and 2.11–2.17GHz AWB7127 3G/4G power amplifiers (launched in mid-May), delivering high linearity and adjacent channel power performance (ACPR), as well as high efficiency for wireless infrastructure applications. Developed for use in small-cell equipment such as femtocells, home nodes and CPEs, the PAs support multi-carrier operation for WCDMA, HSDPA and LTE air interfaces.
  • First-generation mobile WiMAX power amplifiers designed to operate at 2.5–2.7GHz, supporting the IEEE 802.16e-2005 wireless standard as well as the IEEE 802.16d-2004 and ETSI EN301-021 standards, for portable or mobile applications. Manufactured using InGaP HBT technology, linear output power is +25dBm for the AWT6261 and +23.5dBm for the AWM6423. The devices incorporate matching networks for optimized performance in a 50Ω system, while the AWM6423 also integrates an attenuator and power detector.
  • New second-generation mobile WiMAX 4G power amplifiers for portable or mobile applications, delivering high output power, linearity and efficiency (with linear output power of +25dBm) over wide operating bandwidths (2.3–2.7GHz for the AWT6264 and 3.3–3.8GHz for the AWT6283). Developed for use in handsets, embedded PC modules and USB modems/dongles, the devices support the IEEE802.16e standard and maximize transmit power and battery life for high-data-rate mobile WiMAX, says Anadigics. Manufactured using InGaP HBT technology, the devices incorporate attenuators and power detectors, as well as matching networks for optimized performance in a 50Ω system.

“We have worked closely with industry drivers such as Beceem and Samsung since the early days of WiMAX to introduce solutions that provide the highest performance and the most benefits for mobile broadband consumers,” comments Glenn Eswein, director, product marketing, Broadband.

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