23 June 2010


Bridgelux launches neutral-white LED arrays, delivering 4100K color temp

LED lighting and chip making firm Bridgelux Inc of Livermore, CA, USA has announced the commercial availability of its ES and RS LED Array products in a neutral-white color temperature (4100K). The new arrays extend Bridgelux’s portfolio across the white color spectrum, aiming to drive the increasingly rapid transformation of high-volume outdoor area and commercial lighting applications.

Neutral white is the latest addition to Bridgelux’s ES Array Series, offering light output options of 400, 800 and 1200 operational lumens. The new products increase energy efficiency by more than 40% over previous neutral-white product generations while reducing the price per lumen. The neutral-white RS Array delivers 3400 operational lumens, complementing the existing RS Array product line which offers 3100 lumens in warm white and 4500 lumens in cool white.

Bridgelux claims that it provides the industry’s widest LED array performance range, from 240 to 4500 ‘hot’ or operational lumens, displacing incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) and high-intensity discharge (HID) light sources. The broad product portfolio provides wide-ranging options for developing replacement lamps and luminaires for a market that is rapidly transitioning to energy-efficient lighting, says the firm.

“Bridgelux is delivering a broad range of design options with efficacies that enable the development of lighting products that meet both market demands and global regulatory requirements,” says VP of marketing Jason Posselt. “Our expanding portfolio reflects Bridgelux’s core strength — the ability to reduce design complexity and product development risk for our customers while aggressively driving down the cost of solid-state lighting.”

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