14 June 2010


Endwave launches dual-output VCOs to 8.9GHz

Endwave Corp of San Jose, CA, USA, which designs and manufactures RF devices and integrated subsystems that enable the transmission, reception and processing of high-frequency signals, has launched its EWV0800YF series of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) with dual outputs with total frequency coverage of 7.3–8.9GHz and 3.65–4.45GHz. Based on 2µm InGaP/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) technology, the monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) oscillators feature on-board divide-by-two prescalers to create a second tuned output range at half the frequency of the fundamental outputs.

For example, model EWV0801YF tunes with a fundamental-frequency range of 7.3–8.3GHz with typically +12dBm output power and a divided frequency range of 3.65–4.15GHz with typically +6dBm output power. The VCO tunes with control voltages of 2–13V and supply current of typically 275mA. It achieves phase noise of –112dBc/Hz offset 100kHz from the carrier in either band, with subharmonic levels of typically –40dBc and second-harmonic levels of typically –30dBc. Pushing is typically 5MHz/V for a tuning voltage of 5V while pulling into a 2.0:1 VSWR load is typically 5MHz peak to peak. The frequency drift with temperature is typically only 0.75MHz/°C for a wide operating temperature range of –40 to +85°C. Output return loss is typically 5dB.

The higher-frequency model EWV0802YF tunes across a fundamental-frequency range of 7.8–8.9GHz with +12dBm typical output power and a divided-by-two output-frequency range of 3.90 –4.45GHz with +6dBm typical output power. It matches the phase-noise performance of the lower-frequency model, at –112dBc/Hz offset 100kHz from the carrier in either band, with subharmonics of typically –40dBc and second harmonics of typically –10dBc. It matches the performance of the EWV0801YF in terms of pushing, pulling, frequency drift with temperature, and output return loss. Both oscillators are supplied in low-loss 32-lead QFN packages measuring just 5mm x 5mm.

Endwave also produces dual-output VCOs for higher-frequency operation through 15.5GHz, including models:

  • the EWVO900YF series for frequencies to 9.55GHz
  • the EWV1000YF series for frequencies to 10.3GHz
  • the EWVO1100YF series for frequencies to 11.8GHz
  • the EWVO1200YF series for frequencies to 12.75GHz
  • the EWVO1300YF series for frequencies to 13.4GHz
  • the EWVO1400YF series for frequencies to 14.9GHz
  • the EWVO1500YF series for outputs to 15.5GHz.

All include divided-by-two second output ports, and all are housed in the firm's enhanced QFN surface-mount packages.

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