17 June 2010


EpiWorks demos 6" photovoltaic epiwafer capability

EpiWorks Inc of Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA, which manufactures compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers for applications in optical components, wireless devices and high-speed communication systems, says that it has demonstrated a 6-inch compound semiconductor photovoltaic (PV) wafer capability, marking its first step in establishing the infrastructure to produce low-cost solar cells with the highest conversion efficiency, targeting the concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market in particular.

“We are a high-tech manufacturer with an established track record supporting the wireless industry with volume production, but over the past several years we have also established a strong solar cell capability,” says David Ahmari, executive VP of business development.

“To ensure rapid and successful adoption of this CPV technology, EpiWorks is working closely with key partners, including a US-based semiconductor manufacturer listed on the NASDAQ,” Ahmari adds. “Our ability to provide leading technology combined with high-quality, volume production, is a unique skill set that creates new opportunities for our customers.”

Fellow epiwafer maker IQE plc of Cardiff, UK also announced recently (in mid-May) that it had developed epi processes for producing triple-junction CPV solar cells on both 6-inch germanium and gallium arsenide substrates.

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