10 June 2010


Fujitsu top recipient of US patents for optical communications

Japan’s Fujitsu has been recognised by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as the leader in optical communications patents for 2009. According to the firm, this is the fifth consecutive year in which it has been awarded more optical communications patents in the United States than any other company.

Fujitsu was awarded 71 patents in 2009 under Classification 398 – Optical Communications, and has received 279 over the past five years in technologies that include: materials science, optical components, 40G/100G high speed photonics, optical amplifiers, and packet/optical integration.

“With a commitment to an annual R&D budget in excess of $2 billion and a 1,500 person core research team at the renowned Fujitsu Laboratories, we are once again the industry leader in optical communications patents by nearly a 3:1 margin over our nearest competitor,” said Bill Erickson, senior vice president of planning and development at Fujitsu Network Communications.

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