2 June 2010


Luminus partners with ABS Lighting to enter transportation lighting industry

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which makes LED solid-state light sources for illumination applications (including high-definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems), is expanding into the transportation lighting industry by partnering with ABS Lighting.

Luminus’ CSM-360 White PhlatLight LED is powering an energy-efficient, high brightness, LED light fixture manufactured by ABS Lighting for use on roadway underpasses and in highway tunnels. The fixture is ideal for roadway underpasses and tunnel installations because it lasts more than 60,000 hours, reducing the need to close roads or highways as frequently to replace the lights, says Luminus.

“Our partnership with ABS Lighting compliments the company’s expansion in the wide area lighting space including the transportation industry and we look forward to working closely with ABS as our PhlatLight LEDs are ideally suited for roadway underpasses and tunnel applications,” said Keith T.S. Ward, president and CEO, Luminus Devices. “High performance, cost-effective PhlatLight LEDs are the smart choice for lighting manufacturers in the wide area lighting industry because they last 10x over traditional light sources and are less expensive than traditional 1W LED arrays found in roadway and tunnel lighting today.”

"Luminus manufactures the world’s brightest solid-state light source and their PhlatLight LEDs are ideal for our next-generation roadway underpass and tunnel fixtures,” said Rich Lyons, vice president, general manager, ABS Lighting. “Replacing conventional high-pressure sodium fixtures with long lasting PhlatLight LEDs will provide our customers with a superior fixture that reduces energy consumption as well as the high cost of re-lamping highway lighting fixtures.”

ABS Lighting’s LED roadway fixture is equipped with three Luminus ‘big Chip’ CSM-360 W PhlatLight LEDs and delivers 9,000-14,500 lumens, allowing customers to replace 250W high pressure sodium fixtures with the three PhlatLight LEDs, concludes the firm.

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