21 June 2010


PhlatLight LEDs light-up Christie MicroTiles

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which makes LED solid-state light sources for illumination applications, says that its PT-54 chipset is the solid-state light source behind Christie Digital’s modular digital display solution, the MicroTile.

Christie MicroTiles are modular 40.8 cm wide x 30.6 cm high digital display tiles that can be stacked and clustered to create virtually seamless large screens of any size and shape. At the heart of each Microtile is an ultra-compact light engine combining Texas Instrument’s DLP technology with Luminus PhlatLight LEDs. This combination allows full digital control of the color performance and brightness.

“Christie has mastered the integration of LED technology into their visual display products, taking advantage of every single benefit that solid-state light sources bring. We are thrilled to be able to leverage the power of Phlatlight LEDs and to further expand our growth into the digital display industry,” said Stephane Bellosguardo, director of Global Product Marketing, Display, Luminus Devices. “With the MicroTile, Christie illustrates perfectly how our PhlatLight Projection LEDs enable new categories of digital displays. This opens new horizons and large markets for information displays that can be deployed in shapes and sizes that no other display technology can match.”

“PhlatLight technology brings attributes that are crucial to the existence and success of MicroTile, including environmental friendliness, ultra-high brightness, rock-solid reliability and an incredibly rich color space that can be dynamically and digitally controlled,” said Bob Rushby, the co-inventor and chief technology officer at Christie. “By combining these innovations in light source technology with our design and control expertise for scalable displays, MicroTile’s will be deployed in sites were no legacy display would fit, in applications only limited by the imagination of designers.”

Luminus adds that its PhlatLight LEDs are larger than conventional LEDs and operate reliably at significantly higher intensity, delivering light output levels unprecedented in monolithic LEDs. They are free of hazardous materials and fully compliant with the European Economic Community’s Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

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