22 June 2010


RFMD launches highly integrated 4.9–5.8GHz PA for mobile PC and embedded applications

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has announced availability of the RF5616, a highly integrated 4.9–5.8GHz (ISM band) 3mm x 3mm power amplifier (PA) targeted at high-performance mobile PC and embedded applications — including access points, gateways, DSL routers, wireless high-definition interface (WHDI), and WLAN for wireless video distribution networks — and designed to reduce customers' total solution size and cost.

The RF5616 features a fully matched product design (input/output) and integrated low-pass filtering to require just two external bypass components. The device includes an integrated three-stage PA that provides high gain — an industry-first for 5GHz-band front ends, it is claimed — as well as best-in-class efficiency and a wide range of voltage supply levels (3–5V), enabling high linear output power of 18–21dBm. The RF5616 also features an inter-stage power detector, reducing sensitivity to voltage supply, temperature extremes and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) while improving accuracy of the closed-loop power control. Additionally, a variable linearity mode control enables two modes of operations: a maximum output power and linearity mode, or a more efficient lower output power mode, with a single control pin. Finally, integrated harmonic attenuation eliminates the need for additional filtering, optimizing the efficiency and maximizing output power at the transmit port.

A direct-to-battery connection eliminates the need for additional DC circuitry, while integrated input and output matching eliminates the need for additional RF matching. The RF5616 is fully tested and available in a 3mm x 3mm leadless QFN package with backside ground. Volume pricing begins at $0.92.

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