29 June 2010


RFMD launches single-chip integrated FEM for 2.4–2.5GHz ISM-band applications

RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has announced availability of the highly integrated, single-chip RF3482 front-end module (FEM), which integrates a WiFi power amplifier with a single-pole, three-throw (SP3T) switch for 2.4–2.5GHz ISM-band applications.

By integrating the complete switch functionality, the RF3482 is able to route WiFi and Bluetooth receive/transmit signals to two system-on-chip (SOC) transceivers, a typical design architecture implemented in a wide range of high-performance consumer electronics and handset/handheld WiFi applications. Also, the SP3T switch can act as a splitter to transmit or receive Bluetooth and WLAN signals simultaneously.

The RF3482 satisfies the need for aggressive size reductions for 802.11b/g front-end designs by realizing up to a 50% size reduction versus current discrete designs, while greatly reducing the number of components outside the core chipset, says RFMD. The FEM also integrates a 2.5GHz b/g power amplifier with 16dBm of linear output power for higher efficiency and lower EVM for 11n applications. In addition, it integrates 2170MHz filtering and harmonic attenuation, reducing the need for a high-loss/attenuation filter at the FEM output and increasing output power at the antenna. An integrated Rx balun eliminates the requirement for tuning components between the FEM and the SoC, while the direct-to-battery connection eliminates the need for additional DC circuitry.

The RF3482 is fully tested and is packaged in a small-form-factor 3.0mm x 3.0mm QFN package.

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