11 June 2010


Sofradir launches midwave IR detector with integrated digital interface

At next week’s Eurosatory 2010 defense industry trade show in Paris, France (14–18 June), Sofradir of Châtenay-Malabry, near Paris, France, which manufactures cooled infrared detectors based on mercury cadmium telluride (MCT/HgCdTe) for military, space and industrial applications, is launching LEO MW, a compact 15µm-pixel-pitch mid-wave TV-format infrared (IR) detector with a digital interface, suited to military handheld devices that have to be compact, lightweight and consume as little power as possible.

Including its digital interface board, the LEO MW measures 120mm x 55mm x 72mm, has power consumption of 4.5W, and weighs 350g. Sofradir says that these features draw on the same design expertise used in its flagship 15µm mid-wave IR detector that set the industry standard for size and performance in IR detection, it is claimed. The LEO MW’s compactness and energy-saving features are also enabled by its ability to use two of the smallest coolers on the market, which can only be used with selected IR detectors.

Also, previously, IR system engineers would have to design a complex analogical electronic board and then integrate it into an IR imaging system to make the IR detector run. By removing this complicated step, where a system engineer would have to try and find room to squeeze in an electronic board, integrating the LEO MW with its digital interface makes that IR system design process easier and frees up space, says Sofradir.

“LEO MW provides our customers with a simplified interface that saves them time and money, since they no longer need to design the proximity electronic board themselves,” says chairman & CEO Philippe Bensussan. “LEO MW is also ideal for IR equipment manufacturers who design, upgrade and retrofit thermal imaging equipment to satisfy SWaP (reduce system size, weight and power) requirements in military applications,” he adds.

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