25 June 2010


Xiris launches inspection systems for flexible thin-film PV cells

At Intersolar North America 2010 in San Francisco, CA, USA on 13–15 July, machine vision system maker Xiris Automation Inc of Burlington, Ontario, Canada will launch TFI-FLEX, an inspection system for detecting defects in flexible thin-film photovoltaic cells. Designed for in-line quality control, the tool can detect defects in the surface quality and chemical deposition of cells at multiple points along a production line.

The system performs visual checks on the activated side of a flexible thin-film cell, looking for defects that are specific to quality issues arising from the handling and manufacture of thin-film cells, including topological defects such as scratches, bumps and dents, as well as print/deposition defects such as chemical deposition flaws, stains, spots, watermarks, fingerprints, and color variations.

The system uses a proprietary method of acquiring images with very low optical distortion in color and/or monochrome mode, detecting defects that are much smaller than 1mm in size. TFI-FLEX can be used for inspecting cells after deposition, after laser etching, after printing, and after final environmental coating of the cells. Xiris says that the system can easily be retrofitted into existing lines and can be configured to include multiple inspection modules (each with a solution-optimized design).

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