22 March 2010


3S’ 1550nm directly modulated analog laser module tested at 32Gb/s over 20km SMF

3S Photonics of Nozay, France, which makes laser chips, optical discrete modules and passive components for telecom networks, has announced the successful 32Gb/s transmission over 20km of single-mode fiber (SMF) without dispersion compensation using AMOOFDM modulation of its new 1915 LMA series of next-generation directly modulated 1550nm high-bandwidth analog distributed feedback (DFB) laser modules.

The 1915 LMA prototype, with 17GHz bandwidth and +10dBm output power, was tested by Orange Labs in Lannion (France) within the two-year telecom project EPOD — Enhanced PON (passive optical networks) using OF DM — which is sponsored by France's National Research Agency (ANR), which began in early February 2009).

Just 4 months after last November demonstrating 19Gb/s transmission over 25km of fiber using discrete multi-tone modulation (DMT), a 40Gb/s back-to-back test and 32Gb/s transmission over a 20km SMF link has now been demonstrated experimentally using an adaptively modulated optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal (AMOOFDM) combined with a power/bit loading algorithm. The AMOOFDM signal contains 255 sub-carriers spread over 12GHz. Transmission was achieved without any chromatic dispersion compensation and using a 35GHz bandwidth PIN-based receiver module for direct detection.

3S says that the experimental results reinforce the credibility of using OFDM modulation applied to a directly modulated analog laser module as a key contributor to the design of next-generation low-cost broadband optical access networks.

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