17 March 2010


EMPA orders Aixtron Black Magic system

Aixtron AG of Aachen-Herzogenrath, Germany received an order for a Black Magic CNT (carbon nanotube) deposition system, in 1x2 inch wafer configuration, from Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt (EMPA) of Switzerland in Q3/2009. The system will be delivered in Q1/2010.

EMPA’s Dr Stefan Egger said: “We were looking for a flexible system that could give us the means to reliably synthesize a range of different types of carbon nanomaterials. Furthermore, it was essential that it is easy to operate and reliable with good efficiency. Overall, the Aixtron Black Magic system ticks all the boxes and seems to be an ideal match to our requirements.”

EMPA, an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development, will use the new system to produce several different nanocarbon materials.

“These applications require a system with great flexibility, which can easily be used by different researchers from several research groups,” adds Egger. “These are needed for very different topics such as miniaturized X-ray sources which demand MWCNT field emitters. It will also be used to create single- and double-walled CNTs and graphene for sensors and other devices.

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