30 March 2010


Purdue University orders Aixtron Black Magic tool

Deposition equipment maker Aixtron AG of Aachen-Herzogenrath, Germany says it received an order in Q4/2009 for a Black Magic deposition system (configured for 2 inch wafers) from Purdue University’s Birck Nanotechnology Center in West Lafayette, IN, USA. The system will be used for the deposition of carbon nanomaterials and high-k oxides by atomic layer deposition (ALD). Delivery of the system is due to take place in Q2/2010.

“The Black Magic CVD/PECVD platform is vital to our ongoing advanced CMOS device characterization research projects. This first-of-a-kind dualconfiguration CVD system will allow us to not only to carry out CNT and graphene deposition but also to prepare high-k oxides by ALD in-situ. Having this unique capability at Birck means that we will be able to optimise carbon/oxide-based materials for the next-generation device channels. The advantage of preparing the oxide in-situ directly after channel growth is that it potentially eliminates contamination and trapped charge, leading to cleaner channel/oxide interfaces and better device performance,” said associate professor Peide Ye of Purdue University.

Dr Rainer Beccard, vice president of marketing at Aixtron, added: "While research has progressed towards achieving Moore’s Law with the possibility of introducing III-V materials as device channel material, the other channel materials based on carbon are also now being investigated as future options. Aixtron’s 300mm-wafer scale MOCVD equipment has already been used at other locations for III-V channel materials. With the unique implementation of CNT/graphene/ALD capability at Purdue, researchers can also explore the challenges of integrating carbon nanomaterials in the device channel.”

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