10 March 2010


Anadigics launches PAs for 4G LTE and 3G HSPA+

Broadband wireless and wireline communications component maker Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has launched a new set of multi-mode, high-performance power amplifiers (PAs) designed for wireless datacards and handsets for the rapidly emerging technologies of 4G long-term evolution (LTE) and 3G advanced HSPA+ (the next evolution of high-speed packet access). The new single-band PAs are built using the fourth generation of Anadigics’ patented HELP (High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power) technology to deliver what is claimed to be exceptional performance for USB modules and new-generation handsets based on the LTE standard.

Analyst firm Gartner states that LTE is on track to become one of the dominant 4G technologies for mobile broadband within this decade as the industry expands beyond WCDMA. By 2015, LTE coverage is expected to reach at least 50% of all mobile subscribers in the USA and Western Europe. The HELP4 LTE family of PAs has hence been designed to meet the stringent linearity needs of LTE modulation and offer what is claimed to be the highest power and efficiency in the industry.

“With the HELP4 family, we have reduced the average current consumption by an impressive 30% over previous-generation PAs,” says Prasanth Perugupalli, director of Wireless RF Products Line at Anadigics. “We also continue to lead the industry in terms of performance in current savings at the frequently used low power levels in handsets,” he adds, claiming the industry’s lowest quiescent current (at 3mA), while three mode states maximize power-added efficiency at several power levels during operation of an LTE handset.

The new HELP4 LTE power amplifier family includes the ALT6701, ALT6702, ALT6704, ALT6712 and ALT6713 products (each in 10-pin 3mm x 3mm x1mm packages), which are tailored to cover UMTS and LTE bands 1, 2, 4, 12 and 13 that are available across various geographic locations (including the USA, Japan, Western Europe and China), as follows:

  • ALT6701 — band 1 LTE wireless devices, band 1 (IMT) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices, and band Class 6 CDMA/EVDO wireless devices;
  • ALT6702 — band 2 LTE wireless devices, band 2 (PCS) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices, and band Class 1 CDMA/EVDO wireless devices;
  • ALT6704 — band 4 LTE wireless devices, band 4 (IMT) WCDMA/HSPA wireless devices, and AWS/KPCS CDMA/EVDO wireless devices;
  • ALT6712 — band 12 and 17 LTE wireless devices;
  • ALT6713 — band 13 and 14 LTE wireless devices.

Each device has been characterized under 16-QPSK, 64-QAM and HSPA+ modulations to ensure compatibility with high-bandwidth applications. Also, an integrated ‘daisy chainable’ directional coupler with 20dB directivity is included inside the package.

The devices are available for sampling, and evaluation kits are available upon request. Anadigics adds that volume ramp into production is aligned with market needs to meet customer design cycles for introduction of the industry’s earliest datacard modules for LTE networks.

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