10 March 2010


Atlumin and Floridienne partner to supply and reclaim Cd-containing materials

Renewal energy materials manufacturer Atlumin Energy of New Hartford, NY, USA (a subsidiary of metals supplier MCP-Group that supplies minor metal-based products to solar module makers) has established a partnership with Belgium-based Floridienne (said to be the world’s largest cadmium supplier and reclaimer for over 30 years) that aims to solidify Atlumin’s position as a source for the procurement, fabrication, and reclaim of cadmium-containing materials.

Atlumin’s partnerships with both MCP and Floridienne allow it to provide what is claimed to be a unique turnkey solution for all minor metals used by solar manufacturers in both cadmium telluride (CdTe) and copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) technologies.

The Atlumin–Floridienne partnership aims to enable cost and time savings for solar module makers. Previously, the supply chain involved several different organizations, each handling part of the cycle. Now, by managing regulatory details in what is claimed to be an environment friendly closed-loop system, Atlumin can source, refine, fabricate and supply products. “This gives us opportunity to further compress the supply chain and create unique offerings,” says the firm’s president Gregory Phipps. “Our clients can focus on their core technology and development while we streamline and manage the supply chain... Our new partnership helps solar manufacturers to minimize their capital investment and increase watts per unit cost,” he adds.

Atlumin says that a key issue with cadmium in solar applications is the potential environmental ramifications, if mishandled. Atlumin has a rigorous closed-loop system for all its minor metals, ensuring maximum use and reuse of the metals the firm claims, while Floridienne has a long-standing reputation for clean materials processing. “The unwavering commitment of both Atlumin and Floridienne to environmental responsibility is based on known, well defined and controlled processes at work,” says Floridienne’s managing director Simon Vlajcic. “The most gratifying result of our new partnership with Atlumin is the ability to assure solar manufacturers and their clients that environmental issues are being managed by two highly committed companies supplying the solar industry.”

With plants in the Federal Republic of Germany, the UK and the USA, Atlumin Energy manufactures materials for the renewal energy market, including solar module makers. Products range from key elements, alloys, and specialty chemicals, to engineered fabrications such as sputtering targets. Metals include cadmium, copper, gallium, indium, molybdenum, selenium, and tellurium. The firm also offers recycling and reclaim programs.

Floridienne has activities in minor metals, chemicals, biotechnology, agro-foods and venture capital investments. As well as cadmium-based materials for solar, batteries and metallurgical applications, it is also a major player in the manufacture and reclaim of zinc-, lead- and nickel-based materials.

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