24 March 2010


Avago introduces pair of PAs for Point-to-Point radio transmitters

Avago Technologies Ltd of San Jose, CA, USA has introduced a pair of 1-Watt power amplifiers (PAs) for use in millimeter wave (mmW) communication transmitters that operate at frequencies between 37 and 40GHz.

The AMMP-6442 monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) is a linear PA offered in a 5 x 5 mm surface mount (SMT) package, while the AMMC-6442 is a MMIC die. Typical applications include Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point radio systems, and mmW communication applications.

Both the AMMP-6442 and AMMC-6442 PAs provide 30dBm of typical output power and 23dB of typical small-signal gain. These MMICs are suitable for high linear applications and have 35dBm of output third order intercept point, making them ideal for use as last stage power amplifiers in systems that require increased linearity for high data rate transmission.


  • Frequency range: 37 to 40GHz
  • 1 Watt P1dB output power
  • 35dBm OIP3 for high linearity
  • 50 ohm matched on input and output
  • ESD protection (50V MM and 250V HBM)

AMMP-6442 and AMMC-6442 are available now with pricing starting from $29 and $27, respectively, in 1,000 unit volumes.

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