18 March 2010


BreconRidge delivers its first GaN microelectronic modules

Design and manufacturing services provider BreconRidge Corp of Ottawa, Canada, which specializes in RF, microwave and optical technologies, says that it has packaged and shipped over 90 gallium nitride (GaN) modules to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) as part of its corporate strategy to extend its core monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) assembly capabilities in next-generation microelectronic modules (the latest step in its goal to become a key partner with the aerospace and defense industries). Prior milestones include collaborative design and manufacturing contributions to programs involving defense and aerospace radars, radio-astronomy systems and defense communication systems.

“Emerging technologies like gallium nitride require an innovative approach in all aspects of product design and manufacturing,” says John Pokinko, VP engineering. “We are aggressively pursuing all opportunities to further our expertise in applying these new technologies in advanced RF and microelectronic solutions,” he adds. “Completion of the CSA GaN packaging contract represents a key stepping stone in this strategy.”

GaN leads an emerging class of semiconductor technologies designed to tackle the RF challenges of next-generation cellular network base-stations and satellite communications systems. Compact packaging and stringent linearity requirements are challenging designers to meet heat dissipation and bandwidth allocation objectives. BreconRidge says that GaN-based electronics offers the potential to cost-effectively address these challenges.

The National Research Council’s Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre (NRC-CPFC) was responsible for fabricating the GaN die used in the project at their industrial-grade facility. “Few companies in the electronic manufacturing services sector have the capabilities to assemble and package gallium nitride electronics,” comments BreconRidge’s president Cyril McKelvie. “Being able to deliver these first modules is a reflection of our desire, skills and capabilities to address the emerging needs of the aerospace and defense sectors.”

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