24 March 2010


Bridgelux and Molex launch the Helieon Sustainable Light Module to displace traditional lighting

Lighting firm and LED maker Bridgelux Inc of Livermore, CA, USA and Molex Inc of Lisle, IL have introduced the Helieon Sustainable Light Module.

Picture: Helieon combines LED array products from Bridgelux with Molex Quick Mate interconnect technology.

At less than $20 per unit (for the standard lumen output product in quantities of 20K+ units) and a lifespan of more than 10 years (based on 12-hours of use per day/365 days per year), Helieon is one of the industry’s highest quality, most cost-effective solid state lighting solutions available, say the firms.

“Helieon will quickly debunk the myth that solid state lighting isn’t ready for mass adoption,” said William Watkins, CEO of Bridgelux. “Providing high quality light and an easy and familiar installation experience at a price point to enable mass adoption, Helieon delivers on the promise of solid state lighting. With Helieon, solid state lighting is poised to displace conventional incandescent, fluorescent and other technologies in many high-volume general lighting applications, creating a $100 billion market opportunity.”

Helieon combines LED array products from Bridgelux with Molex Quick Mate interconnect technology to create a socketed plug-and-play solution that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of luminaires. The separable source and socket system emulates a traditional bulb and socket, allowing manufacturers to deliver a variety of lighting effects from a single luminaire design. Initial product offerings include between 500 and 1,500 lumens in 3000K warm white or 4100K neutral white, combined with precision optics to deliver narrow, medium or wide flood beam angles.

The Bridgelux arrays used in the Helieon Sustainable Light Module deliver between 500 and 1,500 operational lumens (performance comparable to or greater than 40 to 75 Watt incandescent bulbs) in a compact high flux density light source.

Molex’s Quick Mate interconnect technology provides an easy and familiar installation experience, says the firm. It allows luminaire designers, commercial end-users and consumers to upgrade, interchange, and replace modules, altering and controlling their environment as desired.

“The availability of high quality, plug-and-play, flexible, and cost-effective solid state lighting solutions such as Helieon, delivers on the promise to simplify and enable LED integration for OEM fixture makers and critical players in the transformation of the lighting industry,” said Mike Picini, VP of solid state lighting, Molex Inc.

Production shipments of the Helieon will start in May. The product carries a three year warranty and provides the efficacy to enable luminaires to meet Energy Star, Title 24, Part L and other global regulatory standards. Helieon is RoHS compliant.

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