18 March 2010


Civcom launches first integrated 40G 300-pin tunable transponder with DCM and EDFA

As the latest complement to its 10Gb/s Free Light family of tunable NRZ and RZ transponders, optoelectronic component, module and subsystem maker Civcom of Petach Tikva, Israel has made available what is claimed to be the first integrated 40Gb/s DPSK transponder, built specifically to address the challenging market demands for additional network capacity, according to VP of worldwide sales & marketing Yair Itzhar.

The 40Gb/s TRX transponder module, which is compatible with the 300-pin MSA standards and I 2C standards, uses a widely tunable laser covering the entire C-band, and will be made available in two different packages:

  • small form factor (5” x 5”), featuring the standard DPSK modulation format and optional integration with an erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA); and
  • standard multi-source agreement (MSA) size (7” x 5”), featuring integrated tunable DCM (dispersion compensation module) and EDFA functionality.

“By integrating our tunable optical dispersion compensation component within the module, manufacturers can effectively increase dispersion tolerance of the transponder while reducing overall cost,” says Itzhar.

The firm says that the TRX DPSK module increases dispersion tolerance from the standard ±40ps/nm to as high as ±640ps/nm. The introduction of an integrated EDFA increases the dynamic range to 20dB.

*Civcom will be exhibiting at next week’s Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC 2010) in San Diego, CA, USA (23–25 March).

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