19 March 2010


Emcore expands ClearLight tunable laser platform with micro-ITLA

Emcore Corp of Albuquerque, NM, USA, which makes components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber-optic, and solar power markets, has expanded its telecom DWDM product portfolio — powered by its proprietary ClearLight tunable external-cavity laser (ECL) technology platform — with the launch of its new micro-ITLA (integrable tunable laser assembly), which is to be demonstrated at next week’s Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition (OFC 2010) in San Diego, CA (23–25 March).

Designed to meet the needs of 40 and 100Gb/s line-cards and transponders, features include narrow linewidth, low noise, frequency fine tune and high output power, while providing the full functionality of the ITLA multi-source agreement (MSA) in a quarter-size form factor and with half the power consumption.

This next step in product density is enabled by Emcore’s ClearLight technology, which builds on several generations of the firm's tunable products (which have over 500 million total field hours). “The Emcore ECL laser has always been the device of choice for next-generation 40 and 100Gb/s systems,” claims micro-ITLA product line manager Heino Bukkems. “The size-reduced micro-ITLA enables the emergence of smaller 40 and 100Gb/s transponders,” he adds. “Our experienced engineering team and a deep understanding of our core technology have made this highly differentiated product possible.”

The micro-ITLA is Emcore’s third ClearLight-powered product, joining the tunable TOSA (transmit optical sub-assembly) and tunable XFP products launched last year. “The modularity and flexibility of our technology platform enables a wide array of product variants and next-generation enhancements simply through the substitution of a few standard components,” says Rob Stone, marketing director for Emcore’s Fiber Optics division. “We can then integrate our ClearLight optical engines at different levels, all the way from TOSA and laser assemblies, to transceivers and transponders to meet the specific needs of our customers.”

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