23 March 2010


Finisar, Exfo and Ixia demonstrate 100G Ethernet optical link

Finisar Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Exfo Inc of Quebec, Canada, and Ixia of Calabasas, CA, USA are jointly demonstrating a standards-compliant 100G Ethernet (100GE) optical link at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exposition and National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC 2010) in San Diego, CA, USA (23–25 March).

The demonstration consists of an Ixia K2 100G tester and an EXFO 40G/100G Ethernet Packet Blazer tester communicating error-free at 103.1 Gb/s using Finisar's 100GE-LR4 CFP optical transceiver modules. Error-free operation is demonstrated by transmitting IP packets between the 100G testers over 20 kilometers of single-mode fiber, exceeding the 10 kilometer maximum distance being standardized for this application. The joint demonstration can be viewed at Finisar's booth #1613.

Finisar’s FTLC1181R optical transceiver modules are compliant with the CFP Multi-source Agreement (MSA) and support the 100GBASE-LR4 (4 x 25 Gb/s) optical interface defined by the IEEE P802.3ba Draft standard.

Exfo’s FTB-85100G is the industry's first portable 100/40 Gb/s Ethernet tester; it simplifies lab testing, field trials and early deployments, says the firm.

Product features include:

  • Fully integrated layer 1/2/3 performance assessment of 100G and 40G Ethernet equipment and network services.
  • EtherBERT test functionality for verifying the integrity of 100G and 40G Ethernet running on WDM networks.
  • OTU3/4 testing capabilities integrated into a single test module.

"This interoperability achievement between our 40G/100G Ethernet Packet Blazer and Finisar's 100GE-LR4 CFP optical transceiver module is a proud culmination of collaborative efforts that underscores the viability of 100GE as a migration path for customers," said Etienne Gagnon, Exfo's VP of Product Management and Marketing. "We are eager to continue our collaboration with Finisar to provide a complete 40/100GE test solution for the design and deployment requirements of our mutual customers."

Ixia's K2 40 and 100GE IP network traffic generator and physical coding sublayer (PCS) measurement and analysis solution generates and analyzes full 40GE and 100GE layer 1-7 line rate traffic, with up to 1 million distinct flows per port. The modules allow individual PCS lane bit error rate tests (BERT) testing using a wide range of PRBS patterns. The K2 product line interoperates across Ixia's existing 1 and 10 GE speed product lines, while integrating with Ixia's automation software to provide a cost-effective migration path for the development of higher speed Ethernet systems.

"Ixia and Finisar worked together tirelessly to achieve this 100GE milestone and validate that Finisar's new 100GE CFP optical module surpassed the HSE standard distance requirement," said Errol Ginsberg, founder and chief innovation officer at Ixia.

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