15 March 2010


Orange launches OptoLock-enabled fiber-optic home installations

Firecomms Ltd of Cork, Ireland, a developer of high-speed plastic optical fiber (POF) transceivers, says that its OptoLock transceiver is a key component of the home networking solution being deployed by Orange. A key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecoms operators, Orange is deploying POF as the medium of choice in the home to reduce installation times, guarantee network reliability, and enhance customer satisfaction ratings.

Firecomms says that Orange’s OptoLock-enabled fiber-optic kits offer a reliable home networking solution by allowing the distribution of a POF network throughout the house. The ready-to-install fiber-optic kit enables Orange customers and installers to connect a TV or computer within a high-speed home network in just minutes, Firecomms adds, minimizing the visual impact of the connection due to POF’s ultra-thin diameter. 

Orange has cited technical performance, simplicity of installation, and discreet design as benefits of the fiber-optic kit. According to Orange field trial results, 98% of users expressed satisfaction with the technology. 

“This POF product offering by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world demonstrates the overwhelming benefits of POF to operators and customers alike,” says Hugh Hennessy, Firecomms’ VP of sales & marketing. “This deployment is one of many as operators and installers seek ways to overcome the disadvantages associated with traditional wired technologies.”

OptoLock’s design enables the fiber to be cut and terminated to the exact required length on site, allowing novice consumer to quickly and easily terminate the bare optical fiber, and enabling the advantages of optical fiber to be brought into the home with do-it-yourself simplicity and costs, says Firecomms. The benefits of such a simple, robust high-speed interface will be significant as high-speed services like 100Mb IPTV are delivered into the home, the firm adds.

Due to its ease of use, large core tolerances and low costs, POF is enjoying substantial growth in home network and point-to-point interconnection. Research by Information Gatekeepers forecasts that the global POF market will grow to more than $2.5bn in 2011.

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