25 March 2010


Infinera showcases photonic integration

At this week’s OFC/NFOEC 2010 conference and exhibition in San Diego, Infinera Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of digital optical network systems incorporating its own indium phosphide-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), showcased the features and capabilities of its Digital Optical Networks architecture in a range of presentations and a joint demonstration with industry partners highlighting advances in 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GigE) technology.

Infinera fellow Steve Grubb gave a presentation explaining how the Infinera architecture enables service providers to achieve greater flexibility and network efficiency due to the firm's integrated bandwidth management and the capability of its Bandwidth Virtualization to carry a wide range of services over any Infinera infrastructure.

Also, the 80-foot-long mobile demo unit Infinera Express was parked on the OFC/NFOEC show floor, containing displays of the firm’s technology. In partnership with Juniper Networks Inc and six other vendors, Infinera demonstrated 100GigE data traffic traveling between a Juniper Networks T1600 core router and an Infinera DTN network. The demo, using a prototype 100GigE tributary interface module deployed on Infinera’s DTN System, brings 100GigE technology significantly closer to real-world implementation, the firm says. Its demonstrations use 100Gb/s pluggable CFP optical transceiver modules which are currently available commercially. The DTN 100 Gigabit Ethernet tributary interface module in the demonstration is the latest prototype and is fully compliant with the most recent IEEE 802.3ba draft specification.

To showcase Infinera’s end-to-end optical portfolio, the Infinera Express also contained its new ATN metro edge platform and the Infinera Management Suite, which leverages the firm’s digital bandwidth management and GMPLS software to offer point-and-click provisioning and other powerful digital features on integrated DTN-ATN networks.

In other presentations, Infinera engineers discussed advances in the design of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), including the move to higher levels of integration and the use of advanced modulation techniques in future 400Gb/s PICs.

“Our unique set of technologies, including large-scale photonic integration and our software-enabled digital architecture, combined with our partnerships with the key industry players developing 100 Gigabit solutions, gives us a significant advantage in meeting the demands and challenges of the next decade,” believes chief technology officer Drew Perkins.  

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