24 March 2010


Inphi launches 40Gb/s TIA for VSR applications and next-gen networks

At this week’s OFC/NFOEC 2010 event in San Diego, CA (23–25 March), high-speed analog semiconductor firm Inphi Corp of West Lake Village, CA, USA is launching its 4336TA transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for next-generation small-form-factor 40Gb/s very short reach (VSR) transponder modules.

The new 4336TA is a high-gain TIA that enables transponders to achieve high-sensitivity and high-overload performance over a wide range of temperatures and supply voltages, helping to simplify the design, production and installation of 40Gb/s serial components and equipment.

“Networking and data centers play a vital role in the delivery of cloud services, which require more speed and scale than ever before,” says president & CEO Young Sohn. “We are seeing more organizations and service providers rapidly moving from 10Gb/s to 40Gb/s core and backbone networks to handle the rising video and mobile data traffic. Our new 4336TA will enable customers to better manage the increasing 40Gb/s data traffic on the network, while providing improvements in signal integrity, capacity and power,” he adds.

“Over the next two years, service providers worldwide will either plan to use or already are using 40Gb/s serial technologies for router connections,” says Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst (Optical) at Infonetics Research. “Due to the rapid growth of the 40Gb/s optical market in 2009, with port shipment roughly doubling when compared to 2008, companies like Inphi that have a strong technology and market position will be able to take advantage of the expected expansion of 40Gb/s serial deployments.”

Inphi says that its analog IC design techniques are enabling rapid growth in 40Gb/s serial deployments. The 4336TA delivers what is claimed to be the highest gain, highest sensitivity and excellent optical overload performance for an unparalleled dynamic range, which improves link margins.

“One of the most challenging 40Gb/s issues is to connect routers-to-routers and core routers-to-DWDM systems at the native 40Gb/s serial bit rate, while maintaining performance over wide dynamic range of optical power, temperature, and supply voltage conditions,” says Loi Nguyen, VP Networking, Communications and Multi-Market Products. “Customers have asked that we build a TIA solution to solve this technical challenge.” The 4336TA enable them to quickly develop SFF 40Gb/s VSR transponder modules for SONET/SDH as well as for future 40 Gigabit Serial Ethernet applications, he adds.

The 4336TA is designed to meet the demanding signal integrity requirements of 40Gb/s serial connections over diverse environmental conditions, offering what is claimed to be exceptional performance margin in terms of sensitivity and overload. The high-gain functionality eliminates the need for external limiting amplifiers and other ICs. The 4336TA also helps to reduce the complexity of 40Gb/s serial components and equipment via the following features: wide dynamic range; best optical overload (>+6dBm); highest-gain 40Gb/s TIA, 3.5K; and stable bandwidth and signal integrity over operating conditions.

Engineering samples of the 4336TA for 40Gb/s VSR modules and SONET OC-768 and SDH STM-256 equipment are available now.

At OFC/NFOEC 2010, Inphi is highlighting its portfolio of high-speed analog connectivity components for next-generation networks, including the 2251TA highest-sensitivity linear TIA for 40Gb/s DQPSK applications as well as the 2850TA (the industry’s first OIF-compliant 100Gb/s coherent TIA).

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