25 March 2010


Luminus' white PhlatLight LEDs power Chauvet's Q-Spot 260-LED entertainment light

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which makes solid-state light sources for illumination applications, says that the new Chauvet Q-Spot 260-LED entertainment light is powered with a single Luminus CST-90 white PhlatLight LED. The Q-Spot 260-LED is suited for lighting concert stages, nightclubs, and the mobile disc jockey market.

“The real value of big-chip PhlatLight LEDs is that they enable the design of much more efficient optical systems for controlled-beam applications such as the Q-Spot imaging gobo spotlight resulting in more light in the beam and reduced overall power consumption,” said Don McDaniel, director, global entertainment, Luminus Devices. “The CST-90 is not only a practical solid state lighting source for the Q-Spot but its big-chip footprint eliminates the need for Chauvet to use LED arrays in future designs.”

Chauvet’s Q-Spot 260-LED light is equipped with one CST-90 white PhlatLight LED that is capable of delivering 3,500 lumens.

“Big-chip PhlatLight LEDs enable Chauvet to manufacture lighting fixtures that are smaller, lightweight and obviously brighter with a more pure, flat light ideally suited for nightclubs and mobile environments where temperature control is essential,” said Mike Graham, product manager, Chauvet. “What sets a single, CST-90 LED apart in the industry is that it gives us the ability to fully take advantage of environmental and electrical advantages of solid-state lighting technology similar to current high-output fixtures on the market, saving our customers money.”

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