31 March 2010


Luminus launches its first UV PhlatLight LED

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which makes LED solid-state light sources for illumination applications, has launched its first big-chip ultraviolet (UV) LED based on the firm’s PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) technology. The PhlatLight UV CBT-120 is suited to a diverse range of industrial processes, from epoxy, ink, paint, laminate and adhesive curing to semiconductor processing, says the firm.

Based on Luminus’ large monolithic chip platform, the UV CBT-120 has a power density of 1W/mm2, offering extremely high optical output of 10W at 390 nm, and suiting UV applications that demand a high-flux of UV photons.

“Traditionally, industrial curing applications have been forced to use high-wattage, high-intensity lamps due to the level of optical power density required for these applications,” says chief technology officer Alexei Erchak. “Now, with the release of the UV CBT-120, a solid-state lighting solution is available that can reach the requisite power levels and provide a new level of process control that is safe and reliable,” he adds.

The UV CBT-120 features high-thermal-conductivity packaging, with a junction to heat-sink thermal resistance of only 0.7°C/W, so it can reliably be driven to the demanding power levels necessary for industrial processing, says Luminus. The energy-saving, environmentally friendly light source lasts over 10,000 hours, it is claimed, compared with 1000–2000 hours in traditional high-intensity discharge lamps.

Samples of the UV CBT-120 are available now. Full production is expected later in 2010.

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