17 March 2010


Oclaro introduces Telcordia qualified 40-Gigabit RZ-DQPSK transponder

Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA, which makes optical components for industrial applications, has introduced its first 40G RZ-DQPSK indium phosphide (InP) based transponder qualified to Telcordia standards. Delivering high-performance in a low-cost, 300 pin Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) platform, the TL9040 transponder modules are already shipping to tier-one customers for next generation field deployments, says the firm.

"Our new 40G transponders demonstrate Oclaro's commitment to continually increase the bandwidth and functionality of the network while reducing costs to the end-user," said Paul Johnson, 40G Modules Product Line manager at Oclaro.  "By incorporating our highly-successful indium phosphide technology into an Industry MSA footprint, we have been able to achieve substantial cost reductions and, at the same time, increase the overall performance of the system."

Oclaro's multi-rate adaptable 43Gbps RZ-DQPSK TL9040 is a long reach, 300-pin transponder module suitable for wideband tunable, C-band applications requiring 150ps/nm to +150ps/nm dispersion tolerance in noise loaded link applications. It offers a significant OSNR improvement over legacy DPSK systems designed around a 50GHz channel spacing, says the firm.

Oclaro adds that its new 40G transponders have undergone rigorous testing to Telcordia standards, including 2000 hours of active endurance, damp heat, temperature cycling, and shock and vibration testing.

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