22 March 2010


OIPT introduces LN2 Auto Changeover Upgrade

UK-based etch and deposition equipment maker Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) says it is continuously designing upgrades for its systems, processes and software. One such development is the firm’s Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Auto Changeover Unit (ACU), which enables table cooling fluid to be automatically switched between LN2 and chiller fluid, via a recirculating chiller.

With the ACU upgrade, cool down time from 200ºC to 20ºC is cut to 40 minutes (including switching from Cryo to Chiller mode) compared to the natural cool down time of 10 to 12 hours. Furthermore, it offers accelerated cooling in the temperature range 200°C to 0°C, and saves time when rapid mode change is required. The Unmanned/Overnight mode change gives time for the table temperature to stabilise, ready for process at the beginning of the next day. With a setpoint range of between -150ºC to +400ºC and more efficient use of LN2, this fully automated upgrade will save users time and money, says the firm.

Graph: Comparison table shows assisted vs unassisted cooling, offering proven time and cost savings.

All new and existing Oxford Instruments’ systems with a Cryo Table or RIE heated electrode are compatible with the LN2 Auto Changeover Unit.

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