30 March 2010


Osram Opto’s LEDs used in first large-scale deployment of street lighting in Italy

LEDs with a luminous efficacy of 100lm/W from Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany are being used for what is claimed to the first large-scale deployment of street lighting in Italy. Several hundred Archilede luminaires are now installed in the northern Italian cities of Piacenza, Lodi and Alessandria.

Designed and produced by iGuzzini for ENEL Sole, the new Archilede street luminaire uses Osram Opto’s Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs, with a color temperature of 6000K. The LED's color rendering provides a natural color impression that can enhance safety and security, says Osram Opto. Archilede is available in three versions, with 84 LEDs (giving an output of about 100W), 59 LEDs (70W) and 39 LEDs (55W).

Due to their directional nature, LEDs eliminate stray light and reduce overall light pollution. In addition to high efficiency, Osram Opto's LED also has a long life (60,000–100,000 hours, depending on operating conditions), translating to lower maintenance costs. 

The small dimensions of the LEDs have given iGuzzini’s designers creative freedom, says Osram Opto. The luminaire itself was developed specifically for street-lighting requirements (for use on any type of roadway) and has its own individual, contemporary design.

With its intelligent control system and various programming options, the LED street luminaires are capable of automatically shining more light in one direction (depending on the volume of traffic) or of shining more light on a roadway crossing than other areas of the road, for example. It is also possible to customize the lighting for different 'user groups' (e.g. pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicles) and to adapt lighting specifically for them.

Compared with the sodium vapour and mercury vapour lamps widely used in street lighting, LED luminaires achieve energy savings of 40–60%. Extrapolated to 1000 lamps with 84 LEDs each, this equates to savings in CO2 uptake of more than 6600 trees compared with conventional sodium vapour lamps, reckons Osram Opto .

“Even though the initial investment costs of an LED street-lighting system is higher than a conventional lighting system, over a few years time the LED system will end up costing less due to the high efficiency, long operating life and low maintenance costs,” says Markus Klein, senior director SSL at Osram Opto.

“With Osram Opto Semiconductors’ high-performance LEDs, we are able to provide local authorities with street luminaires that are attractive looking on the one hand and represent a sustainable solution on the other; as well as electricity costs, they also drastically reduce CO2 emissions and maintenance requirements,” says iGuzzini’s president Adolfo Guzzini.

The Archilede can be seen at the Light+Building 2010 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany (11–16 April), together with LED streetlamps from Hess, Siteco and Leipziger Leuchten.

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