17 March 2010


Skyworks launches 0–30dB fixed attenuator chips for up to 40GHz

Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, MA, USA, which makes linear products, power amplifiers, front-end modules and radio solutions for handset and infrastructure equipment, has introduced the ATN3590 family of ultra-wideband fixed attenuator pads with a unique through-die via and split ground configuration that provide improved high-frequency return loss, attenuation tolerance, flatness, and power handling performance, says the firm.

The fixed resistive attenuators are integrated circuits comprising thin-film resistors and connection to ground by through-die vias to the die backside metallization (requiring no additional ground connections). The ATN3590 attenuator family is optimized for surface mounting on co-planar waveguide or microstrip printed circuit boards. Bond wires or ribbons are used to connect the input and output ports of the attenuators to the external circuit transmission lines. The dice are attached using eutectic solder or conductive epoxy and can operate over a temperature range of –65°C to 150°C. The small 0.700mm x 0.725mm x 0.100mm die also has enhanced power handling capability of 2W of CW RF input power.

As well as offering enhanced RF power handling and attenuation flexibility, the ATN3590's unique die design eliminates the need for RF ground bonds, enabling improved return loss (from 0 to 30dB) and high attenuation flatness across multi-octave bandwidths (from low frequency to 40GHz or higher). The devices are available with 15 relative attenuation values: 0–10dB (in 1dB steps) and 12, 15, 20 and 30dB.

All this make the devices suitable for broadband power-level adjustment applications in microwave and millimeter-wave radios, radars, EW/ECM equipment, and test & measurement equipment, says Skyworks.

In addition, the attenuator die solutions assist microwave communications equipment OEMs and system designers with the manufacture of higher-performance hybrid micro-circuit assemblies for both military and commercial applications, the firm adds.

Individual chip samples and a full multi-chip designer kit are available now, with pricing dependent on quantities.

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