3 March 2010


SPTS’ Q4/2009 orders up nearly 150% quarter-on-quarter

SPP Process Technology Systems Ltd (SPTS) of Newport, Wales UK, the plasma etch & deposition equipment subsidiary of Sumitomo Precision Products Co Ltd (SPP), has announced bookings of nearly $35m in fourth-quarter 2009 from the entities acquired last year from Aviza Technology Inc of Scotts Valley, CA, USA.

SPTS was formed by SPP last October to merge predecessor firm Surface Technology Systems plc (STS) together with Aviza’s Newport-based single-wafer process equipment subsidiary Aviza Technology Ltd (ATL) and Aviza’s Scotts Valley-based Thermal Products business.

The new orders included etch, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and physical vapor deposition (PVD) single-wafer tools for customers in the MEMS (micro-elecro-mechanical system), TSV (through-silicon via), and compound semiconductor sectors booked by SPTS' Newport-based UK Division, as well as furnaces, upgrades, and an atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) system booked by the newly formed Thermal Products Division. Combined with the orders received by the former STS business unit of SPTS, total fourth-quarter bookings were about $50m, up almost 150% quarter-on-quarter from Q3/2009 in combined orders. SPTS says that the synergies of the acquisition were immediately apparent, with the firm receiving its first cross-over order of PVD equipment from a traditional STS customer.

“We are pleased with the initial positive customer response to our acquisition, which confirms the vision of SPP in forming SPTS,” comments SPTS’ president & CEO William Johnson. “As we continue to focus on our customers in the MEMS, compound semiconductor, TSV/advanced packaging, data storage and power device industries, our goal is to provide both R&D and production solutions for today and tomorrow,” he adds. “It is particularly gratifying to see the positive response from our thermal products customers, as our Scotts Valley team reconfirms the Thermal Products Division as the factory-certified source for parts, upgrades, support and new thermal products systems with Watkins-Johnson, SVG, and Aviza lineage.”

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