23 March 2010


Tyntek plans epiwafer plant for mainland China

Taiwan’s Tyntek Corp is looking at the possibility of setting up an epiwafer production facility in mainland China, according to a report by Ken Liu in the Taiwan Economic Times. The firm’s chairman, Bosco Foo, is reported as saying that if the new facility happens it will have over 100 MOCVD chambers, and that the formation of a joint venture is the most likely scenario for the firm’s mainland investment plan.

“The mainland's authorities offer a subsidy of RMB10 million for each MOCVD chamber, which is tantamount to half of the investment capital," Foo said. "Also, investors are allowed to halve the mandatory depreciation period.”

Currently, Tyntek has contracts to install 13,000 LED streetlights in Xian, Shannxi Province, China by the end of 2010, and the city government plans to add traffic lights and indoor lights to the contracts, says the report.

Tyntek anticipates that business from China will boost its revenue growth by more than 50% in 2010, to around $125m. In response to growing demand, the firm plans to add 26 MOCVD chambers by January 2011.

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