25 May 2010


Applied launches turnkey MES software to speed solar, LED and chip packaging ramp-up

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker Applied Materials Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA has launched its Applied SmartFactory MES (manufacturing execution system) software, an out-of-the-box, factory automation solution for tracking and streamlining the flow of materials throughout a manufacturing facility that, deployable in less than 60 days, can help to accelerate the production ramp of emerging technologies in the solar, LED and chip packaging industries.

Designed to improve product quality, boost productivity and cut operational costs, SmartFactory is also claimed to be the first MES available with integrated advanced process control (APC) capability, enabling users to achieve higher and more consistent factory output.

“The SmartFactory system is designed to help factory operations in rapidly growing industries achieve the high yields and economies of scale that can lower manufacturing cost – key to the widespread adoption of these important new technologies,” says Charlie Pappis, VP & general manager of Applied Global Services. “Customers can realize the benefits of Applied’s proven manufacturing automation technology with a ready-to-use solution that can be expanded as their businesses and industries grow without disrupting ongoing production,” he adds.

Based on Applied’s FAB300 MES technology, the SmartFactory system features pre-built, technology-specific scenarios to monitor every machine and all work-in-progress material movements, manage production sequencing, create an audit trail, and deliver instructions to shop floor workers via a consistent, task-focused graphical user interface. An optional APC module uses Applied E3 technology to interface directly with production equipment, enabling real-time, run-to-run (R2R) process tuning and fault detection and classification (FDC) to increase process capability and reduce unplanned down-time.

Applied’s common framework approach allows SmartFactory to be expanded with plug-in components from the firm’s portfolio of factory automation software, which has been proven in over 500 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Statistical process control, equipment performance tracking, advanced dispatching and RFID wireless management capabilities can be added rapidly to further raise manufacturing efficiency.

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