12 May 2010


Ascent starts production of monolithically integrated flexible CIGS PV modules at FAB 2

Ascent Solar Technologies Inc of Thornton, CO, USA, which manufactures flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules based on copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), has begun initial production of monolithically integrated flexible CIGS modules from its high-volume FAB 2 production plant.

In March 2009, Ascent expanded from its initial facility in Littleton, CO (with a 1.5MW-capacity manufacturing line that entered production in first-quarter 2009) by opening its new 145,000ft2, 30MW-capacity headquarters in Thornton.

“Ascent Solar is the first company to commence regular production of monolithically integrated lightweight thin-film CIGS modules using a plastic substrate,” claims president & CEO Farhad Moghadam. “This milestone marks the initiation of our regular production capability and our factory ramp-up based on market demand,” he adds.

“Initial production from FAB 2 is producing 10.5%-efficient modules with peak module aperture efficiency as high as 11.9%, which gives Ascent a very competitive product across our target market opportunities,” Moghadam reckons.

Ascent Solar has posted a video virtual tour of FAB 2 on its web-site.

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