28 May 2010


Cobham introduces GaAs MMIC products for aerospace and defense applications

UK-based aerospace technology developer Cobham plc says that it has introduced five advanced semiconductor microwave circuit products that bring robust and cost-effective microwave sensor alternatives to advanced electronic warfare, missile defense, communication, and space systems. The new products consist of a 2-6 GHz high power amplifier, a 2.5-6 GHz driver amplifier, a 4-20 GHz broadband gain block, a 1-6 GHz digital attenuator, and an L-Band phase shifter.

Fabricated at the Cobham’s new Sensor Systems facility in Blacksburg, Va, USA, the gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) products will provide sensor solutions for systems such as the integrated defensive electronic countermeasures jamming systems used in jet fighter aircraft, as well as ground-based systems, such as the counter fire target acquisition radar system, says the firm.

"Today's product announcement demonstrates the success of this move, which has enabled us to introduce new and highly reliable MMIC systems that can be produced at lower cost and in less time," said Jeremy Wensinger, president of Cobham Defense Systems.

Cobham Sensor Systems, a strategic business unit of Cobham Defense Systems, completed the relocation from Roanoke, Va, to Blacksburg and the consolidation of its advanced semiconductor microwave circuits fabrication operations in March. The move expanded clean room capacity from 8,000 sq. ft to 11,000 sq. ft, and brought all operations into one facility.

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