12 May 2010


Higher drive current for Cree’s MX-6 lighting-class PLCC LED boosts output by 160%

LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced a higher maximum forward drive current for its XLamp MX-6 LED.

The MX-6’s PLCC package is optimized for indoor lighting where enhanced light uniformity and LED-to-LED color consistency is important. At 1A of current, MX-6 LEDs provide up to 300 lumens in cool white (6500K) and 245 lumens in warm white (3000K).

“At Lightfair 2010 in Las Vegas, booth 746, we are relaunching our Raye fixture, which is now based on Cree MX-6 LEDs,” says Ann Reo, founder & general manager of IO Lighting. “The MX-6 LED has dramatically reduced the power consumption for this cove and wall slot fixture, giving us superior luminaire efficacy.” Raye is now a retrofit option for existing fluorescent cove lighting applications because it delivers the same luminous intensity at 25% less power, she adds.

“By qualifying our XLamp MX-6 LEDs at higher drive currents we are giving customers additional design flexibility,” says Paul Thieken, Cree’s director of marketing, LED Components.

*At this week’s Lightfair 2010 show in Las Vegas, NV, USA (12-14 May), Cree is showcasing its LED lighting fixtures, lamps and components.

In addition to exhibiting its TrueWhite technology-based LED downlights (including the new high-output, deeply recessed LR6-DR1000), Cree is also debuting its newest LED lamp, the LBR30. Cree is also demonstrating its new LRP-38-1000L which delivers 1000 lumens of directional light, and its newest high-efficiency troffer replacement, the LR24HE, which delivers more than 100 lumens per Watt fixture efficacy. More efficient than fluorescent troffers, the LR24HE has a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 and is designed to last 50,000 hours.

Cree is also demonstrating its line of lighting-class LED components (including the newest XLamp XM LED platform), as well as its first LED module: luminaires incorporating the LMR4 will be on display in the booths of Con-Tech, dmf LIGHTING, Intense Lighting, and LITON Lighting.

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