13 May 2010


Luminus launches brightest surface-mount LED, targeting entertainment, display, medical and auto applications

At this week’s Lightfair International 2010 show in Las Vegas, Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which designs and makes high-output PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LED solid-state light sources for illumination applications, is launching what it claims is the industry’s brightest, high-power, surface-mount (SMT) LED. The firm says that its new SBT-90 white PhlatLight LED is suited to entertainment, display, medical and automotive applications that require an LED package that emits directly into air instead of having an integrated dome lens.

“The SBT-90 contains a single 9mm2 chip, so the optical brightness can’t be matched by tiled arrays of traditional 1-Watt LEDs,” says Chuck DeMilo, director of global product marketing for lighting. “The ability to deliver more lumens through their optical architectures in a compact and highly integrated form factor becomes a game changer for our customers as new opportunities emerge to apply LEDs to demanding applications,” he adds.

The SBT-90 generates more than 1800 lumens (6500K, 70+CRI) from a small 10mm x 11mm package footprint. Using high-thermal-conductivity ceramic packaging, thermal resistance is just 0.64°C/W. The device has a nominal input power of 10W, but can be operated continuously at drive conditions up to 35W. Due to its low-profile window and direct chip-to-air emission, the SBT-90 is optimized for coupling to proximity optics and optical light engines, maximizing optical throughput while maintaining long life and high reliability. Typical applications include entertainment wash lighting, edge-lit displays, projection systems, fiber-coupled medical lighting, and automotive forward lighting.

Available in an SMT package, the SBT-90 integrates with standard SMT manufacturing processes and equipment. PhlatLight LEDs are mercury-free and provide a lifetime of 60,000 hours with lumen maintenance of greater than 70%. The SBT-90 is available for sampling now, with volume shipments beginning in third-quarter 2010.

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