12 May 2010


Luminus and Almeco demo first single-source LED street light

Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which designs and makes high-output PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LED solid-state light sources for illumination applications, has announced a partnership with Almeco Group, which makes reflectors for street and industrial lighting, to demonstrate the world's first, single-source LED street light, powered by a single CSM-360 PhlatLight LED in combination with Almeco's novel reflector optic. The result is a single-source LED fixture that looks more like an HID-based street light than the typical pixelated LED fixtures that dominate the current landscape, says Luminus.

The CSM-360 LED has luminous efficiency of more than 100 lumens/Watt, color temperatures of 3000-6500K, and L70 lumen maintenance of 60,000 hours. With an emitting area 36 times greater than a 1W LED, a single CSM-360 can reduce design complexity, reduce cost, and increase fixture reliability, the firm claims. Instead of using arrays of LEDs and optics, the single-source street fixture requires just a single optic. Additional cost savings can be realized since the CSM-360 is a chip-on-board LED, which does not require an expensive metal core PCB typically used with LED arrays.

Almeco’s low-glare Vega LED98 reflector design, incorporating material with what are claimed to be the highest values of reflectivity across the visible wavelength spectrum, can take the light from the CSM-360 and distribute it onto the street in accordance with industry standards. With a reflectivity of greater than 98%, the LED98 aims to optimize overall fixture efficiency.

“We see the single-source street light concept as an indicator of what is possible in accelerating the adoption of LED technology in the marketplace,” says Luminus’ president & CEO Keith T. S. Ward. “The single-source solution increases overall fixture reliability by drastically reducing the number of points of failure. It is a perfect lamp replacement option with a large-emitting light source, virtually no glare and has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours, reducing the total cost of ownership... Almeco is assisting Luminus’ expansion in more outdoor applications with our innovative big-chip LEDs,” he adds.

“The partnership with Luminus gives us an ideal opportunity to integrate their big-chip LEDs with our reflectors," says Almeco’s CEO Onorato Fiorentini. “Our enhanced selective surface for light sources, particularly for LED optics, enables our development team to work closely with Luminus to generate highly efficient, cost-effective street lights for any municipality around the world.”

The Luminus/Almeco street light concept fixture can be seen in Luminus’ booth at this week’s LightFair 2010 show in Las Vegas, NV, USA (12-14 May).

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