25 May 2010


RFMD introduces RFSW204x family of GaAs pHEMT switches

RF Micro Devices (RFMD) Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has launched a new family of GaAs pHEMT switches covering multiple bands in the DC to 25 GHz range. Each switch in the RFSW204x family delivers high isolation and low insertion loss, making them ideal for broadband communications, fiber optics, test and measurement, and military applications, says the firm.

RFSW204x switches deliver broadband performance and are easily adaptable to multiple frequencies, giving customers maximum inventory flexibility across multiple applications, adds RFMD. Additionally, the switches provide P1dB output powers ranging from 19dBm to 27dBm and high IIP3 up to 47dBm.

The RFSW204x family consists of three switch configurations: single pole double throw (SPDT), single pole triple throw (SP3T) and single pole four throw (SP4T). Each of these configurations is available in absorptive or reflective versions.

RFMD says that the switches are designed using the firm’s high performance 0.5-micron GaAs pHEMT process, offering insertion loss as low as 1dB, high isolation up to 45dB at 20GHz and fast switching speeds of 20nS. RFSW204x switches are available in two packaging options: die-level and RoHS-compliant 3x3 mm QFN surface mount packages. The die-level switches are available now, and the first packaged switches will be available in June 2010.

Samples of the RFSW204x family are available immediately. Pricing starts at $17.02 in volumes of 1,000.

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