17 May 2010


RFMD adds IPC technology to its foundry services portfolio

RF Micro Devices (RFMD) Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA has added high power Integrated Passive Component (IPC) technology to its foundry services portfolio and will begin providing the technology to customers in June this year. RFMD says that the technology is complementary to its GaN technology, and other power semiconductor technologies, for the design of multi-chip modules (MCMs).

With IPC technology, customers can design integrated matching networks and other passive functions on RFMD's low-cost gallium arsenide (GaAs) process technology, rather than place them adjacent to amplifiers and other active components. This allows customers to reduce costs and achieve higher levels of integration, says the firm.

According to RFMD, its IPC technology provides all the passive circuit components necessary to enable matching networks, including MIM capacitors, multi-layer stacked capacitors, thin-film resistors and inductors. Additionally, three metal interconnect layers are available for complex routing and increased current-handling capability.

Bob Van Buskirk, president of RFMD's Multi-Market Products Group (MPG), said, "RFMD's leading compound semiconductor scale, built to serve the cellular handset market, allows us to deliver industry-leading cycle time, yields and costs. We enable our foundry customers to take advantage of a compound semiconductor factory capable of shipping over two million RF components per day to bring speed, predictability and price advantages difficult to match."

RFMD's GaN Foundry Services business unit currently offers access to two of RFMD's GaN process technologies: GaN1, targeted at high power, and GaN2, targeted at high linearity applications.

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