13 May 2010


Seoul Semiconductor launches new Acriche LEDs at Lightfair

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor is launching several new products at this week’s Lightfair International 2010 show in Las Vegas, NV, USA (12-15 May).

The new Acriche A6 (1W) and A7 (4W) series cool-white LEDs are much smaller than existing Acriche lamps and – with luminous efficacy of 90ml/W – can be used in a variety of general lighting fixtures, including streetlights. For example, the A7, at 8mm x 8mm, offers space-saving versatility over existing 18mm x 12mm Acriche products.

Seoul Semiconductor claims that Acriche is the first mass-production AC-driven LED and that, because it does not require a converter, it is less expensive to manufacture end-products and lasts longer than other LED light sources whose lifetime may be limited by a power converter.

Also being launched are three next-generation products in Acriche’s Z-Power LED series:

  • Z5 offers a high color rending index (CRI) of 90 and a compact ceramic design;
  • Z6 delivers full color options for general lighting applications as well as decorative and architectural lighting uses; and
  • Z7 is a high-efficiency LED product containing four individually addressable high-power die.

“The global market for LEDs now exceeds $5bn annually, and continues to increase at a rapid pace,” says North American marketing director Doug Hardman.

“Lightfair is a good opportunity for Seoul Semiconductor to actively demonstrate its new technologies to the major lighting companies and the media of the world, following ‘Light + Building’ held in Frankfurt am Main in April,” says senior vice president S.M. Lee.

Seoul Semiconductor began mass production of an Acriche lamp with luminous efficacy of 100lm/W in first-quarter 2010, and in mid-April said that it had developed a 150lm/W lamp for production in late 2010.

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