9 November 2010


Avago adds 1W cyan LEDs, optimized for traffic signals and signage

At this week’s Electronica 2010 trade fair in Munich, Germany (9–12 November), Avago Technologies is launching the ASMT-JC11 and ASMT-AC00 1-Watt cyan-colored high-power LEDs. The combination of high lumen output and high energy efficiency in robust, small-footprint packages (boosting design flexibility) is optimized for traffic signals, although the devices also effectively address sign backlighting and architectural, commercial and decorative lighting applications.

With what is claimed to be one of the industry’s smallest footprints — of 5mm x 4mm x 1.85mm for the ASMT-JC11 device's 6-leaded small outline package (SOP) — the new LEDs address space-constrained applications. Both devices can withstand maximum current of up to 500mA to provide high flux output performance of 58 lumens at 350mA. The high flux output results in more efficient designs that use fewer LEDs to achieve the required lumens, says Avago.

“Our new cyan 1-Watt LEDs position Avago to address the fast-moving transition from traffic signals using incandescent bulbs to more efficient, durable signals based on high-power LEDs,” says Francis Khor, director of marketing for the Optoelectronics Product Division. “The ASMT-JC11 and ASMT-AC00 LEDs offer leading light output performance in small packages with industrial-strength reliability,” he claims.

Both LEDs feature an exposed thermal pad for efficient heat dissipation and low thermal resistance of 10ºC per watt, delivering better reliability over their operating life. High maximum allowable junction temperatures of 150ºC for the ASMT-JC11 and 135ºC for ASMT-AC00 enable the LEDs to be driven in stringent operating conditions, providing flexibility and reliability to lighting designs. They also offer what is claimed to be best-in-class electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance of 16kV, so special ESD protection equipment is not required to handle the parts during installation (reducing production costs). The LEDs have an electrically neutral heat-sink pad that allows them to be configured in an array using a common metal substrate without fear of electrical shorting, simplifying thermal design.

Also, a wide viewing angle of 165º for ASMT-JC11 and 140º for ASMT-AC00 allows good color and light output uniformity (essential for applications like sign backlighting).

Pricing for the ASMT-JC11 and ASMT-AC00 LEDs begins at under $2 each in 1000 pieces.

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