1 November 2010


Cree adds XP-G and XP-E warm-white LEDs offering both high efficacy and CRI

LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has added 80, 85 and 90 color rendering index (CRI) options to its XLamp XP-G and XP-E warm-white LEDs. Many lighting applications (such as retail, medical and architectural) require high color accuracy to properly render object colors, the firm notes.

With previous-generation high-CRI white LEDs, increasing color quality meant decreasing efficacy. But, due to the new high-CRI XP-G and XP-E, luminaire and fixture designers can have both, Cree claims.

“High CRI is a must for certain applications that require a high quality of light—but at the same time, we cannot forget about the system efficacy,” says Massimo Santinon, i-Led brand manager for Italian lighting firm Linea Light s.r.l. “The new XLamp XP-E and XP-G with high CRI are the perfect combination we were waiting for that will allow us to address new markets,” he adds.

“Lighting applications require specific performance characteristics, and Cree’s XLamp LED family delivers products optimized for these individual applications,” says Paul Thieken, Cree’s director of marketing, LED components. “Our high-CRI XLamp LEDs can deliver light quality comparable to halogen with better efficacy than fluorescents. And Cree’s lighting-class LEDs are proven to be one of the world’s most-efficient light sources, which can enable more economical designs and applications,” he claims.

The new high-CRI XP-G is available with luminous flux of up to 107 lumens at a drive current of 350mA in warm white (3000 K), providing efficacy of 102 lumens per watt and enabling LED lamp designers to create systems which are 70% more efficient than a traditional halogen PAR38 lamp and which deliver similar high color rendering, it is reckoned.

The high-CRI XP-G and XP-E LEDs are similar to standard XP-G and XP-E LEDs and may work in existing systems without any redesign. As with the standard XP-G and XP-E, the new LEDs have LM-80 data approved by ENERGY STAR, are UL-recognized components under UL 8750 (E326295), and feature what is claimed to be excellent thermal-management properties.

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