18 November 2010

Test/measurement & medical/science LED market to grow at 35.8%

According to a new market research study from ElectroniCast Consultants, global consumption of packaged component-level light-emitting diodes (LEDs) used in test/measurement and medical/science devices will grow at an average annual growth rate of 35.8% from $21.82m in 2009 to $185.73m in 2016, despite a decline in average prices in some categories partially offset comparably strong unit growth.

Graphic: Test/measurement & medical/science LED market ($m) - ElectroniCast Market Forecast .

“With new performance records in red LEDs, record efficacy for green LEDs, fascinating accomplishments with DUV (deep ultraviolet) light-emitting diodes, huge consumer/professional interests with blue and other color LED photo-dynamic therapy (PDT), as well as explosive growth opportunities for white LED (WLED) lighting in the operating theater (OT), the bio-photonics, test/measurement and related sectors are poised for rapid market demand during the forecast period,” says Stephen Montgomery, president of International Business at ElectroniCast.

The LED market is segmented into the following sub-application categories: sensing/detection and analytical/monitoring; photo-therapy/sanitation/cell regeneration/curing; instrumentation light source and imaging; and operating theater (OT)/surgical/dentistry lighting.

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