23 November 2010

Osram’s Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs used in OMS’ luminaires

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany says that its Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs have been used by light fixture maker OMS Ltd of Doj, Slovakia in its new Startrack luminaire for the retail sector.

The right lighting in stores has a very significant effect on how shoppers perceive merchandise and its attractiveness, says Osram Opto. Also exhibits in museums and galleries and at trade fairs only really show themselves to advantage when they are staged with the right lighting.

For the Startrack luminaire, OMS is using the Golden DRAGON LED in various white tones. The light colour can thus be selected easily depending on the type of product or exhibit, says Osram Opto. Due to its small dimensions, the Golden DRAGON Plus can be easily incorporated into the luminaire, offering designers great flexibility and creative scope, it adds. Also, their long life of over 50,000 hours (depending on operating conditions) and high efficiency ensure prolonged usage and hence a reduced payback period, it is reckoned.

The Startrack has been designed to be incorporated into existing aluminum rails, and is suitable in principle for virtually any store lighting application. It can be individually adjusted so the light direction can be flexibly modified. Eight Golden DRAGON LEDs per luminaire (10W input) replace one 75W halogen lamp. Also, as LEDs do not emit heat generated by light, no harm can be done to sensitive products such as food or valuable exhibits.

“For luminaire producers like us, LEDs are a technology we really want to shape,” says Martin Bílek of OMS. “We’re already certain that LEDs are fundamentally changing luminaire design and enabling new forms such as integration in ceilings and furniture,” he adds.

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