15 November 2010

Samsung uses Skyworks’ power amplifier modules in USA’s first LTE handset

Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, MA, USA, which manufactures linear products, power amplifiers, front-end modules and radio solutions for handset and infrastructure equipment, says that two of its power amplifier modules (PAMs) are enabling the first commercial long-term evolution (LTE) handset in the USA.

Samsung’s newest 4G mobile phone, the Craft, was launched in Las Vegas by MetroPCS and uses the SKY77702 and SKY77703. The carrier expects to cover 19 markets by 2011 and about 110 million LTE customers in major cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. Today’s 4G systems offer a comprehensive solution where data and streamed multimedia are available to consumers anytime, anywhere at higher data rates than previous-generation networks. In July, Skyworks also enabled the world’s first commercial LTE device, Samsung's high-speed 4G USB modem.

“Our solutions benefit handset OEMs and smart-phone providers, as well as infrastructure suppliers and operators worldwide by improving efficiency and performance, boosting network throughput, and simplifying roaming,” claims Gregory L. Waters, Skyworks’ executive VP & general manager of front-end solutions.

The Craft (SCH-R900) comes with a full hypertext markup language (HTML) web browser, full touch display with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, WiFi connectivity, and a touch-screen display. The handset was designed as an entertainment device for providing fast connectivity to the web and access to streaming video and music.

Developed for wideband LTE applications, Skyworks’ SKY77702 and SKY77703 PAMs are fully matched 10-pad surface-mount modules (SMMs) that pack full 1850–1910MHz (SKY77702) and 1710–1785 MHz (SKY77703) bandwidth coverage into a single compact package. Both modules meet the stringent spectral linearity requirements of LTE data transmission with high power-added efficiency (PAE). A directional coupler is also integrated into the devices, eliminating the need for an external coupler.

The single gallium arsenide (GaAs) microwave monolithic circuit (MMIC) contains all active circuitry in the modules, including on-board bias circuitry as well as input and inter-stage matching circuits. Output match into a 50-ohm load is realized off-chip within the device packages to optimize efficiency and power performance.

The modules are manufactured with Skyworks’ indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) bipolar field-effect transistor (BiFET) process, which provides for all positive voltage DC supply operation while maintaining high efficiency and good linearity, the firm claims.

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