12 October 2010


Bridgelux introduces first 5-year warranty for LED arrays and modules

LED lighting and chip maker Bridgelux Inc of Livermore, CA, USA has boosted its standard 1-year and 3-year warranties by introducing 5-year warranty protection, effective immediately, on all of its integrated LED arrays and light sources sold worldwide.

The 5-year warranty covers not only the Bridgelux LED Array product families (offering what is claimed to be the industry’s widest performance range of 240–4500 operational lumens) but also the Helieon sustainable light module (co-developed, marketed and sold by Bridgelux and Molex).

“It addresses our customers’ needs, supports the entire industry by accelerating market penetration, and helps deliver LED technology’s energy savings and environmental benefits more quickly to the end customer,” says CEO Bill Watkins. 

“The lighting market is demanding 3–5 year warranties on solid-state lighting products,” says VP of marketing Jason Posselt. “The 5-year warranty protection on light sources provided by Bridgelux will make it easier for our customers, lamp and luminaire manufacturers, to meet market requirements for their products.  Further, it also allows our partners to minimize the cost and time they spend on warranty-related issues while improving their ability to win new business opportunities,” he adds.

“With LED technology evolving at a pace faster than typical lighting design cycles, we are faced with a challenge to ensure that we bring high-quality products to market while still using leading-edge technology,” comments Chuck Campagna, CEO of lighting manufacturer Amerlux LLC of Fairfield, NJ, USA. “The 5-year warranty provided by Bridgelux allows us to confidently deliver one of the industry's most advanced solid-state lighting solutions at a pace that addresses both Amerlux business requirements and lighting industry demands,” he adds.

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