5 October 2010


'JDSU Industry View’ campaign to share thought leadership from customers and experts

JDSU has launched the new marketing campaign ‘JDSU Industry View’ on, designed to showcase leaders from various industries as they discuss timely topics and trends. The first episode, ‘Optical Leaders Talk Industry Trends’, highlights several JDSU customers and experts in optical communications as they discuss industry challenges, hot topics and provide a future outlook of the market.

“JDSU serves hundreds of leading companies that employ the best and brightest experts in many different industries,” says Jim Monroe, JDSU’s senior director of corporate marketing & communications. “The goal of the Industry View campaign is to share thought leadership and perspectives from our customers and other experts as we interact with them around the world.”

Filmed during the annual European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC 2010) in Turin, Italy (20–22 September), the first segment of Industry View addresses how the optical communications industry can support increasing network bandwidth and speed requirements as consumers and businesses continue to demand faster and higher-quality content via the internet. Key areas discussed include:

  • updates about the move towards faster optical network speeds from 40G to 100G and beyond;
  • perspectives on flexible solutions that will be required to create optical networks of the future (i.e. Self Aware Networks); and
  • positive outlooks on the increasing health of the optical industry.

“We are in a time when the optical communications industry is reinvigorated because we need more performance, we need new ideas, and we’re not exclusively focused on making last year’s technology at a lower cost,” says Brandon Collings, JDSU’s chief technical officer of Optical Communications. “There's a lot of excitement and new ideas happening.”

Industry View is the second campaign to be launched on In December 2009, JDSU launched the ‘JDSU from a Different View’ campaign, which currently includes six episodes. Current topics covered include 3D cinema, the Internet, video quality, color pigments, gesture recognition and solar technology.

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